Curtis Cole
December 2002

      This is Curtis Cole inside the log schoolhouse on the grounds of the Cape Fear Living History Society, has participated in the Christmas Candlelight Tours at Liberty Hall since those tours were begun about twenty years ago.

      "I started reenacting in 1998 with the CFLHS. Two members of our band, Bryant and Edd, were already long-time members of that group. Some of the best times were spent after the battles, around the campfire at night. Edd would bring out the banjo and Bryant the whistle, and a sing-along would commence. It was so much fun, I soon learned the lyrics and joined in.
      After awhile I wanted to participate even more, so I started working on the harmonica. When I gained enough confidence, I started playing along with the singing.
      In November 2002, Bryant suggested we start playing some during the week since the 3 of us lived in close proximity to each other. Wanting to add even more to the music, I picked up a mandolin and started learning. Edd's, father Edd Sr., joined in with us, and soon we were a quartet, and we had the beginnings of a soldiers' band, just like the lads would have done back in the day.
      Edd Sr. has since passed on, but today we still play many of the songs he taught us, and from those humble beginnings we have grown into a full- fledged period band with 9 members. 12 years ago, I played no instruments at all -- today I'm a member of a group that performs for dances, reenactments, and social functions. That has been the blessing of becoming a reenactor, and the wonderful associations and friendships that come along with it.

Your humble servant, Curt Cole."

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