Dr. Edd Little - Vocals and Banjo

      Dr. Edwin P. Little, MD, has been playing banjo since his college days. A native of Newark, New Jersey, Edd did his undergraduate studies at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, and attended medical school in Philadelphia. On an additional historical note, he served his medical residency in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Engaged in the practice of family medicine in the small town of Pink Hill, NC, since 1983, he and his family reside in rural Lenoir County.

      Re-enacting since 1991 with the same unit, the Cape Fear Living History Society. Doc's interest in the Civil War dates from his fifteenth birthday, when his dad informed him "When he was your age, your great-grandfather was in a trench in front of Petersburg" (Alonzo W. Little, 40th NJVI).

      As a founding member of the group of reenactors/musicians in the spring of 2002 who eventually took the name of "The Huckleberry Brothers," Doc has been a faithful member throughout the following years while still taking the field as an active military reenactor.

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