Troy Parker - Vocals and Fiddle

      Troy Parker has been playing fiddle and other stringed instruments for over twenty years. He has placed strongly in fiddling competitions at such conventions as Mount Airy and Fiddler's Grove.

      Troy is an intense and dedicated student not only of old time fiddle and banjo music, but also of the personalities and developments that have shaped American folk music over the years. As the first fiddler to meet up with Bryant Henderson and Edd Little at Bentonville in March 2002, Troy was a founding member of the band -- long before we had a name.

      "Trudy" lives in Johnston County, between Angier and Benson. He and his wife, Paula, are the proud parents of twin boys, Caleb and Seth, born in 2006. He also is the most dangerous deer hunter on the North American continent.

Here are links to videos of Troy fiddling...
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine     Fisher's Hornpipe     Hangman's Reel     Mississippi Sawyer     Soldier's Joy     Yellow Rose of Texas

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